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Scenarios of How We Can Help You.  

We want you to have a better understanding of what we do as Geriatric Care Managers. Unfortunately, many people think we simply we place seniors in nursing homes. To dispel those myths, we've put together a few scenarios of how we may be of service.

Coordinating Services & Care Plan Development
Mrs. Jones lives alone and her children all live out of town. She recently fell and fractured her hip and ended up needing temporary placement in a nursing home for physical therapy. The staff at the nursing home, as well as her own doctor, is reluctant to release her unless she has some regular help at home.

ElderGuard could immediately represent Mrs. Jones at the nursing home and keep her family advised regarding her progress.

Further, upon discharge, ElderGuard could help by locating and coordinating services such as housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping services, personal care, and continued physical therapy until she recovers with professional care managers monitoring and visiting her regularly. And, ElderGuard can continuously assess Mrs. Jones and recommend appropriate placement if that ever becomes necessary.


Assessment for Protective Services

Mr. Green is having difficulty preparing his meals and no longer drives. The utility company has sent him "shut off" notices because he is having trouble paying his bills.

Mr. Green doesn't get out to see his doctor anymore and has been seen in the emergency room three times this year. His children are worried about him but he refuses to move closer to them.

And worse yet, one of his neighbors may be misusing Mr. Green's finances.


ElderGuard can sit down with Mr. Green and his family to discuss needs and develop a care plan that works to help Mr. Green with transportation, meals, Medicaid, and paying bills. We can even arrange for him to be seen by a physician that makes house calls. Further, ElderGuard could assist the family in seeking legal guardianship.


Household Management

Mrs. Murphy recently recovered from a stroke. Her only child lives 500 miles from her but calls her everyday. Sometimes Mrs. Murphy doesn't answer the phone because she has inadvertently turned off the ringer. Other times she calls her son to report that her sink is plugged or her sidewalks need to be shoveled.

She's afraid to hire someone to fix these problems because they might take advantage of her. And, most importantly, she doesn't want anyone to know that she is all alone.

Her son knows that if he lived in the area these problems would be quick fixes, but because he lives so far away and cannot monitor his mother, he will have to ask her to sell her beloved home and move into a nursing home.


ElderGuard can help Mrs. Murphy find a reliable handyman or student to assist with these problems. And since ElderGuard would become her representative, our professionals would coordinate these services. And the next time she failed to answer her phone, our professionals could respond and immediately assist in resolving the situation and put her son's mind at ease.


Nursing Home Representation
Pat Johnson was recently promoted to another position out of town after placing her father in a nursing home. Pat now worries who will oversee her father's care in the nursing home. She knows that a "visible" and "active" family makes a difference in the kind of care and treatment nursing home patients receive.

ElderGuard can become the family's representative at the nursing home. ElderGuard will attend all care plan meetings and provide the family with a detailed status report after each meeting. All information can be routinely e-mailed to Pat.

Further, ElderGuard can be Pat's representative with her father's physicians and can even do care management if she becomes hospitalized. Impromptu visits can also insure that her father's care is never compromised.


Human Resources and Elder Care Management
Acme Electric employs about 300 people in the area. As the company has grown, so has their employees' absenteeism. Upon closer investigation it is discovered that some of this can be attributed to employees becoming overwhelmed managing the care of their older parents.


ElderGuard can become Acme Electric's referral source for all employee issues related to elder care management.


Long Term Care Specialists
Johnson, Smith, and Jones is a relatively new law firm in the area. Many of their clients are elderly and will eventually need elder care management, especially in nursing homes. The firm is unfamiliar with nursing home regulations and practices and feels the need to have specialists with this type of expertise to advise them or assist them in managing their clients in the area's nursing homes.
ElderGuard consults in area nursing homes and is fluent in New York State nursing home practice. ElderGuard could act as the firm's consultant advising them on current regulations or by in-facility advocation and intervention.


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